Weekend warrior


The day I spend the morning ‘baby’ sitting.  🙂

I usually have to be over at my sister’s at 5:30/5:45 AM – She works at 6AM.

So I pack up my laptop, some work, a magazine or two, and enjoy the quiet while I wait (with dread) for the Heathens to awake 🙂


Punk (my oldest niece) — you can see her on my YouTube Channel. Is really into a ‘healthy foods’ kick.  So I told her I was making her a healthy breakfast.


2 egg omelette (What? — They’re good) w/ Cheddar Cheese

Toast with Blackberry Preserves



Yes, that is my breakfast and no I’m not afraid to admit that it’s my FAVORITE plate at my sister’s house. 🙂


Speaking of Omelettes — I have officially decided I am a master… mine are getting fluffier and fluffier each time I make them.  MY secret?  LOW HEAT!  It takes longer, but they’re so good I don’t care.

*Before you judge that picture I do have to make it known that I was making omelettes in a saucepan — for some reason I can’t find a small skillet at my sister’s… Christmas present? – that’d go over well)



Normally Saturdays are the nights Punk stays with me – but this weekend I’ve been told she’s staying with MaMa… that means I can un tonight.  Yay!


1C Vegetarian Chili

2 cornbread muffins

*leftovers from Thursday*



Veggie pizza and birch beer



Day 2 of C25K


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