October 2012 BirchBox review #1


This is my very first birch box.  I love the box. Adorable.


Here is what is in my box.


My personal fav from the box. This lip butter is so moisturizing.   The pomegranate fig scent is amazing. It doesn’t smell line little kid lip balm at all. Love that.


This moisturizer is a favorite too. Its light and still allows my skin to breathe.  I hate goopy products so this makes me happy.


These samples made me sad. They’re so tiny.  It’s one use.  I love any product the first time I use it.  😦  the conditioner did make my hair super soft. I liked that. 


This highlighting powder makes me happy as well. On my cheeks or my eyes,  it has just the right amount of shine/sparkle.


This ‘lifestyle extra’ made me sad as well.  It is essentially a glam sandwich baggie.  Which is fine,  but mine was ripped.  What good is a ripped bag?  I gave it to my niece to play with. 

All in all,  I’d say I like this program.  These are products I wouldn’t know about otherwise.  Really neat.

What did you get in your box this month? 


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