1 Week Until Christmas!

It’s Crazy. 

It seems like just yesterday I was bundling up and freaking out about how cold it was to be trick or treating.  🙂  YESTERDAY here in Ohio we had massive ‘spring-style’ thunderstorms.  What the heck is going on, Mother Nature? 

Anywho – 

Today hasn’t been too horrid although I do think I could have made better choices – but it’s a learning curve again at this point. 🙂

1 Slice Homemade Wheat Bread, toasted
1 egg – fried with a small spray of Olive Oil in the pan. 

Everything Bagel with Veggie Cream Cheese
(Dang drug reps) 🙂

2 Breadsticks
a half serving of fries

Small mixed greens salad with dressing

3/4 of a hard boiled egg

**Lesson learned – even on Rep Lunch days I should still pack a lunch in case they don’t bring anything healthy/that i want to eat**



Chickpea and Roasted Winter Veggie Stew
Body by Vi Shake 

**I needed more Protein in my day — thus the Vi shake that I abhor**

Ehh.  All in all I am still within my caloric range for the day — so I may even add in a little snack of a few almonds between Lunch and Dinner.  Probably not, but it’s great to know I have the option. 🙂  



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