Oatmeal up to my elbows!

I was on an oatmeal FRENZY last night.  I created HOMEMADE oatmeal baggies — to stash at work for when I’m ravenous and there just aren’t healthy choices ANYWHERE.  

The great part?  I got to create my own flavors.  SCORE!!



Although — next time I think I’d like some dried fruit to add to the mix.  *Note to Self*

I also made some Gluten free, Oat flour Pumpkin Scones



They are YUM-SCRUM.  Although not as sweet as I’d hoped they were lovely last night with a cup of sleepytime vanilla tea and some lavender infused honey.  Mmmmmm…. mouth….drooling. 🙂  

Also — I didn’t know that Oat Flour was essentially just ground up oatmeal.  COOLIO!  I expect to make more Oat flour baking in the future!


In Health!



Right Back At’Cha!

Today Is a new day.  

I won’t bore you with any news about my ‘journey’.  Because honestly there is NO journey at this time.  I am stuck.  Stuck in a rut.  

I start my days with the best of intentions to eat healthy and to do the right thing.  

Then 9am comes and the snacks are brought out and the unhealthy choices begin. 


I feel like I’m still making better choices over all than before — and Hey!  I’m down 10 lbs.  But I know I can do better.  


I will do better.  


And I will blog more often about the experience.  The good and the not-so-good.  



Wow! I love the Infographic at the end explaining just HOW MUCH our Sugar consumption in the US has increased. And sugar is as addicting as COCAINE!? WHAT?

New mission: Sugar free!

Fabulously Domestic

Last week, I ate a chocolate chip cookie. A warm, gooey and totally processed chocolate chip cookie. God only knows what was in that thing.

But after an entire month without any refined sugars, that commercial concoction of additives and white refined sugar tasted so good.

The ironic thing is, after 30 days without sugar, I looked at the cookie being offered to me and I thought “hmm…not that enticing.” I thought to myself, “hey, this no refined sugar thing is actually pretty easy — I could just keep going for another month! And maybe another…”. That cookie had nothin’ on me!

And herein lies the mistake: after my month-long hiatus from refined sugars, I justified it with that all-too-common diet-wrecker: “ah what the heck, I deserve it”. And as soon as that sugar-packed cookie hit my taste buds — I wanted another one (thankfully, the…

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