Whats This? What’s This?

Yes that is a shameless reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas.   Sue me.  

I think I have officially hit the detox stage of this whole clean eating phase.   I find myself craving, of all things, pepperoni pizza.   Like – drooling over the thought of it. 

*Excuse me while I mop up the drool coating my keyboard.*


But SERIOUSLY.  The last time I had pepperoni at all, let alone on a pizza was probably 2008.   5 YEAR AGO!   I don’t even like pepperoni.  When my family DID get pizza and I DID eat meat… I would still choose mushroom and hot pepper.  I really don’t even like pizza.  I think in the past six months I’ve had it twice.   TWICE.   

So why am I finding myself daydreaming of dancing pepperonis… an edge to edge pepperoni pizza with the crust that has the Parmesan cheese dusting and herbs and loads of fresh gooey ooey gooey cheesy meltiness.  

What ……. is ……. THIS?   


Not happening, tummy and taste buds, that’s what this is.   NOT HAPPENING.  

Try this apple and peanut butter on for size, why don’t ya.  





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