Posh Popcorn

I know.  It sounds a little ridiculous.  Posh Popcorn?  Well…. I wanted alliteration and that’s all I could come up with.  Plus, It does taste really posh… to me anyway.  Those of you with more discriminating palates may have your taste buds offended… but to me it’s pretty freaking awesome.


Here’s the recipe:

You’ll Need:
A saucepan (I use the smallest one that came in my T-fal set.  It’s like a little gravy pan.  But, I’ve been known to use the real ‘saucepan’ sized pan when Punk is over because that child can pack away some popcorn. )

1 teaspoonful of Coconut Oil
Popcorn kernels (no precise measurement… you’ll see why later on)

Truffle Salt

That’s it!

Here’s the plan of attack:
1 – Melt the coconut oil in your saucepan over med/med-high heat.

2 – Add enough popcorn kernels to coat the bottom of your pan with 1 layer of kernels (it’s ok if you overpour — it’s just more popcorn)
3 – Wait until the popcorn is done popping. 
4 – Dump it into a massive bowl and sprinkle with truffle salt
5 – shovel it into your face…. if you’re feeling particularly kind, share some with the chihuahuas.  

That’s it.  Super easy.  Super delish.  The popocorn is slightly sweet from the coconut oil and the truffle salt is sublime.  I literally lick the bowl clean.  That’s my inner fat girl coming out.  I know, I know…. but it’s just so dang good. 🙂

Enjoy with a special movie and *I dunno* a glass of something delicious.  (My faves?  Kombucha, Hot or Iced Tea, Coconut Water, Fruit Infused Water, or SkinnyGirl Pina Colada)  Tada!  A fabulous night!

Let me know what you think below in the comment section.



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