Tone It Up!

Wow! It’s been a minute!


Well, allow me to bring you up to speed.  🙂


For the past three weeks I have been loosely following the Tone it Up girls and the Tone It Up community and trying to emulate their plan – without dropping the $150 for the whole shebang.  After these last three weeks, I want that plan even more than I did in the beginning.  🙂

Karena and Katrina are the masterminds behind the Tone It Up plan.  They are trainers.  Their basic premise is to eat Lean, Clean, and Green.  I love that philosophy.  They are hosting a bikini series right now which IS free and the check ins on instagram are inspiring.  (I’ll post some pics of my check ins below)

They also post a weekly challenge.  Last week’s theme was Green.  We ate lots of greens last week 🙂  This week is all about self esteem and boosting your image of yourself.  We’re setting goals and visualizing our goals.  It’s kinda cheesy on one hand but on the other I kinda love their faces so I’d do whatever they say.  Honestly.

Like I said, I didn’t purchase the plan but thanks to people’s Instagram check ins and my fantastic google skills, I’ve managed to unearth a little about the plan.  For example:  The girls want everyone to get up and do what they call a BOOTYCALL.  It’s a super early morning cardio session that gets your body moving and metabolism a kick start.  After that it’s Meal 1 (M1) and a metabolism boosting drink — they REALLY like Apple Cider Vinegar.  (blech)  But again… I love their faces, so I do it.  M2 – something light but L,C&G.  M3 – Lunch M4 – Light snack M5 – dinner.  Also — an evening workout which the lovely ladies are kind enough to post videos and printables of their workouts.  Genius!  They also have their own protein powder – Perfect Fit.  I’ll report back on that as I’m still using up my Pro Fit from It Works!  🙂

The girls also recommend not eating carbs after 3 pm.  I have sleuthed that gem off a blogger’s post as well. 🙂


Ok.  Well that’s the background on my new plan…. now…. enjoy some pics of my progress!


The Girls REALLY like their acidic drinks because they alkalize the body and help stop the damage of free radicals.  It also helps neutralize the effects of too much coffee/alcohol within the body.  I know from previous research that an alkaline body is a good thing.  Cancer doesn’t like alkaline.

acc1 acc2 acc3 acc4 cocotil lem lav

Above are some of my meal/daily check ins from my Instagram account.  (PinkShanyn)



And… again… an Instagram pic.  This is my meal prep before Week 1.

(I’m on week 3 now!)

Yay!  I’m excited that I’ve been able to follow this plan relatively easily.  I’m still using myfitnesspal to track calories.  Even with Memorial day last weekend I didn’t fall *TOO* far off track. 🙂



BaH HuMbUg!

I am a Scrooge.

That’s what I have discovered.  I am SO NOT in the Holiday Spirit this year.  I am grumpy and forlorn.  Oh — and not anywhere near where I thought I would be as far as my weight loss goals.  Why?  Because I quit.

That’s right.  I’m a big fat quitter.  😦

My knees were beyond angry with me for taking up running.  I am far too large to run on such solid surfaces as Sidewalks and Roads.  Perhaps a treadmill with a little more give is the thing I need for now?  I’m not sure.

I have not given up on my dream of running all together — just temporarily.  I WILL run a 5K this spring.  I WILL!

I am back on the bandwagon.  Ya know, it’s the week before Christmas.  If I can make is this week amongst all the cookies and treats in the office, I can do this ANY TIME!  🙂

2 Slices of homemade Wheat Bread, toasted
Strawberry Preserves.

A roasted Winter Veggie and Chickpea Stew.  (Recipe)

Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Triangle.

Cajun Tilapia

Roasted Cauliflower

I have been drinking flavored teas like a maniac.

I am also starting an “It Works?” regime.  Greens, Vitamins, etc.  I am loving the results!

A Blog that I think will become my most favoritest place in all of cyberspace

I will be choosing a workout DVD tonight at random to complete – most likely a P90X one or Jillian or Bob.  I heart Jillian and Bob. 🙂

Here’s to a fresh start! ❤

Fat girls don’t run

Wow.  My body was screaming at me this morning.  It was saying ‘fat girls shouldn’t run’

So. .. Aleve has been my bestie today 🙂

A parfait I made

Trader Joe Greek style yogurt (honey flavor)
Mixed berries
Pumpkin butter



Rep lunch day
Tomato Basil mozzarella sandwich
Half a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie

Little rag soup

Cajun tilapia
Warm cinnamon apples


Active rest
Walking – 28 minutes (1.3 miles)

Happy Mid Week

Today is a much better day. 

Why?   Because I love fall and its starting to show its colors.


Fage Greek yogurt with honey


After my last post about how unappealing it looks after stiring I saw this



Bean burrito
Peanut butter
1 chocolate square


Tuna sandwich (1can tuna, 2T horseradish hummus, 2 slices 12 grain bread)
‘Little rag’ soup

Yep. A run day. Almost two miles at 15:11/mile. 😦
Perhaps its because I left my running partner at home?

More likely, because I was already sore.

But I was READY to run today.


Here’s hoping the run Friday is a smidge faster 🙂

bad day :(

today wasn’t so hot.

oatmeal with 1T maple syrup,  cinnamon,  2T dried cherries, 1T slivered almonds


15 almonds


18 almonds
half box of raisins

here is where I lost my control
half a bag of Trader Joe Everything Pretzel Slims
almost the whole container of Trader Joe Horseradish Hummus
*that hummus is just wayyyy too good*

I should have ran today but frankly I fell asleep bingeing on my dinner

tomorrow AM?

on a side note : i was still under my calorie goals for the day (i know – hard to believe,  right? )


Manic Monday

Same omelette as yesterday


Pumpkin spice coffee in the new French press


Bean burrito with hot sauce

about half a medium thin crust margherita pizza
don’t judge me

Fage with honey



Looks just like the commercial

Here’s what happens after you stir


Not so pretty 😦

1/2 box of raisins
15 almonds

Weekly update



Sunday silliness

Mojo bar – peanut butter pretzel

Day 1 of couch to 5k
2.01 miles. 14:54/mile


2 egg omelette with
1 slice muenster cheese
1 trader Joe chocolate yogurt European style


1can tuna mixed with
2T horseradish hummus
23 everything pretzel slims
1slice muenster cheese
2oz moscato
2 happy hippo cookies


2 nyacker cookies

Weekend warrior


The day I spend the morning ‘baby’ sitting.  🙂

I usually have to be over at my sister’s at 5:30/5:45 AM – She works at 6AM.

So I pack up my laptop, some work, a magazine or two, and enjoy the quiet while I wait (with dread) for the Heathens to awake 🙂


Punk (my oldest niece) — you can see her on my YouTube Channel. Is really into a ‘healthy foods’ kick.  So I told her I was making her a healthy breakfast.


2 egg omelette (What? — They’re good) w/ Cheddar Cheese

Toast with Blackberry Preserves



Yes, that is my breakfast and no I’m not afraid to admit that it’s my FAVORITE plate at my sister’s house. 🙂


Speaking of Omelettes — I have officially decided I am a master… mine are getting fluffier and fluffier each time I make them.  MY secret?  LOW HEAT!  It takes longer, but they’re so good I don’t care.

*Before you judge that picture I do have to make it known that I was making omelettes in a saucepan — for some reason I can’t find a small skillet at my sister’s… Christmas present? – that’d go over well)



Normally Saturdays are the nights Punk stays with me – but this weekend I’ve been told she’s staying with MaMa… that means I can un tonight.  Yay!


1C Vegetarian Chili

2 cornbread muffins

*leftovers from Thursday*



Veggie pizza and birch beer



Day 2 of C25K


TGIF indeed. 🙂

I love my job — a lot actually. (I know, weird right?) but I am still geeked for the weekend.


2 egg omlette

2T homemade salsa

Coffee with the Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer you see in the background 🙂 (uhh…YUM!)


On the way to work I was behind this car and I actually really enjoyed their bumper stickers.  I haven’t seen one – let alone three – that resonate so clearly with me.



We talked our manager into taking us off-site for a lunch meeting (score!)

Chipotle was the choice

I had a salad with a small scoop of rice, black beans, veggies, all the salsas, and a ‘little’ cheese (which was as much as I put on in a ‘normal’ serving…HOLY COW!)


2 cornbread muffins

No – you read that right… just the muffins.  I fell asleep reading at 6pm and didn’t wake back up until 9pm.  I didn’t want to eat anything heavy that late so I just ate some of the left over muffins from last night’s dinner.  Meh.


Yes, today should have been a training day… but again, I fell asleep so I just jogged around my block a couple times with Demon Dog and came back in.  Total Distance?  MAYBE a half mile.  But I realized when I got back that I jogged the whole time (!?)

Live and learn

Today was just one of those days where I felt like the world was a crap-fest. 

I woke up way late. My charger broke last night so I plugged my phone into my computer thinking it would charge and be fabulous.  Well. Not so much.  I guess if it’s plugged into the computer alarms don’t go off. (Go figure)

I managed to grab breakfast and pack a lunch before sprinting out the door only five minutes late. Yay me!

Only to sit in traffic and be about 15 minutes late to work (boo hiss! )

And since I was in a crabby mood from that everything else just irritated me. 🙂

OK. Enough complaining.

Two multi grain waffles  with 1T peanut butter on each

I packed my lunch but we had a rep lunch and I felt guilty since she’d brought special veggie food
So. ….

A veggie panini with veggie cream cheese,  veggies,  and muenster cheese (drool)
Half a bag of salt and vinegar chips
Two pickles
A small scoop of fruit salad
A brownie

Veggie chili
Ginger tea


If I have calories left for snack later (which I doubt looking at my lunch)  I’ll have an apple while watching TV 🙂

Today I should be training.  But its raining and quite frankly I’m not as hardcore as these ladies I saw yesterday


Wow. That’s dedication.  I hope to get there soon. 

But instead today I’ll just choose a workout DVD from my dusty stash and give it a run for its money 🙂